Pennys Pups - TN breeder of Poodles & Yorkshire Terriers (Yorkies)
About Me

Hello.  I'm so glad you are taking the time to get to know me and my babies.

My first litter of pups came many years ago.  I am a lover of all animals, & feel that they deserve
the same respect & understanding as any human.  Past pets included cats, birds, hamsters,
horses, turtles, squirrels, fish & ducks, but my passion & life are my poodles & yorkies.  I devote
all my time to my babies, which means I often miss parties, weddings, & other planned
engagements.  But nothing will keep me from being with my babies when they need me.  They
are my life.  I am the sole provider, groomer, cleaner, whelp assistant, mom, grandmom, &
nanny to my babies.

I have been a veterinary technician for two Veterinary Clinics, as well as worked at the University
of Tennessee Veterinary Teaching Hospital in the Small Animal Clinic.  The knowledge and
HANDS ON EXPERIENCE that I gained from those positions aided me immensely.  After all,
animals don't read the books on what they are 'supposed' to do under certain circumstances.

All of my dogs are in the house.  I have turned a bedroom into my doggie room where they have
doggie doors to go in & out as they please.  They are never confined to a small area, unless there's
a medical reason, they are in heat, they have babies, or for their own safety.

I am very meticulous about knowing when my girls are in labor & always want to be there when
each grandpuppy comes into this world.  They never whelp alone.  I take their temps & watch for
any indicating signs.  Then I do not leave their side.  This usually means sitting with them all
night, as they almost always whelp during the nite.  My whelping rooms are usually my
bathrooms.  Since the moms often get scared during labor, I usually get some books & maybe a
blanket, & I sit in the bathroom floor for hours, often dozing curled up in the floor.  My girls are,
what you could say, a bit spoiled, so they want to be right in my lap when they are in labor &
giving birth.  I try to make them feel as safe & secure as possible.